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Raising Entitled Children

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Several of the schools Kian attended over the last 5 years gave us both the feeling that he was being programmed to “fit in.” The implication there is that something about his authentic self was somehow in need of repair or renovation. Attention to “fitting in” can make a person learn the “eggshell walk” at an early age.

My 5th Grader’s Surprising Choice for Schooling this Year…..

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Have you ever watched a cat shift its ears like furry radar dishes, surveying the terrain, all the while calmly relaxing and purring? My brain was like that cat; my awareness was a due to a radar-like brain function that I was not particularly keen on desensitizing. I would prefer to alter my environment, than alter that perfectly operating function in my brain.

Pressure has no place in a learning environment. It is counter to the goal, in fact. Pressure creates cortisol rushes that burn through healthy brain networks and, left uncorrected, the stimulation can create new cortisol pathways that actual seek to fill themselves again and again in an addictive cycle. Think of a child sitting on the edge of his seat, neck craned, eyes bugged out, peering at a video game screen, for example. That looks like a cortisol rush unfolding to me. Video games can do it, and so can crowded, noisy, or distracting atmospheres wherein a child is expected to perform.

THINGS THAT COME UP AT SCHOOL – a workshop on getting through homework with positive connections

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The Knowing Garden, along with Melody Elder M.A. E.d. is hosting a Parenting
Workshop on Monday, Oct 17th. The subject is “Things That Come Up At School”
and it focuses on getting through lessons and homework with positive connections
as well as being the best advocate you can be for your student.

All families are welcome. Please click here for information and
registration: http://knowinggarden.org/parenting-workshop/