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Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills

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The way that children spend their time has changed. A growing number of psychologists believe that these changes in what children do has also changed kids’ cognitive and emotional development.

It turns out that all that time spent playing make-believe actually helped children develop a critical cognitive skill called executive function. Executive function has a number of different elements, but a central one is the ability to self-regulate. Kids with good self-regulation are able to control their emotions and behavior, resist impulses, and exert self-control and discipline.

Hey, Guess What?? You Already ARE the Perfect Parent!!!

July 12, 2010 by  
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If you’re like me, you are your own worst critic. And there is no badge of honor in that, even though we have been brought up to believe it is so. You deserve the same “break” you are wanting your child to be given.

As Joseph Chilton Pearce says, “Your must be what you want your children to become.” Isn’t it a breathe of fresh air to know that being your authentic self is perfect?!!

Attending to Attention Issues

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“My son is struggling in school. He loved it at first, but he’s getting into trouble. He wants to play more, he gets other children laughing, and disrupts what the teacher is trying to do. I know he’s a good boy. What can I do to help him? They’re talking about evaluating him for ADD and ADHD”

100 Ways to Show you Care

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Show your child you care. Create a connection today! (I’m going to!)

Play: It’s the way young children learn

April 1, 2010 by  
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A generation ago, kindergarten was supposed to get kids ready for school. But now everyone is talking about the importance of “school readiness” before kids get to kindergarten. That’s why many parents, anxious for their children to succeed in school, want early care and education programs to have children sit at tables using work sheets, […]

You Can’t Say You Can’t Play! Does setting this limit then make us the bully?

March 20, 2010 by  
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As parents and adults, we typically struggle a little with how to provide children the space to have their power, (and thus exclude) and also provide an opportunity for them to develop common ground. I think it is so important, of primary importance, to allow children to have as much power over themselves as possible. […]

REM sleep and Deep Play….

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There seems to be a parallel between “deep play” and REM sleep. There is something psychologically refreshing about both, and somehow a sameness… Something connected there. As if you somehow reap the benefits of REM sleep when you are engaging in deep play. Now how to provide ourselves and our children with more of both! […]