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A Typical Day at Riviera PlaySchool

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Riviera PlaySchool is mainly child-directed. In other words, the teachers at PlaySchool meet the children where they are. Not just physically, by getting down on the same level when we speak, but also energetically, by being in the moment, and celebrating in their successes, and joining them in the joy of creation. When any conflict occurs, it is a true learning moment, and teachers are on hand to hold space for the children to resolve their own conflicts. We try to not rush to a resolution of our adult creation. Sometimes children can take a while to sort a conflict out to a place they deem to be “fair.”. And we give them space to take the time to do that, while offering support, and helping them keep bodies and hears safe. We pay particular attention to where we are during the conflict. We stay on the sidelines. We don’t jump into the fray energetically. If we notice our speech becoming more rapid, or our voice becoming louder, then that’s a signal to us to take a step back and let them have their own emotions about the conflict at hand. It’s pretty tricky, and it keeps us more awake as people. It is an incredibly magical thing to witness a couple of small children figure out a workable solution to their volatile dilemma…and then walk away laughing together, more emotionally and socially intelligent than before

a note about consistency

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Society tells us that parents need to be CONSISTENT in order to be effective and responsible. If we aren’t ‘consistent,’ we will end up with a child who is out of control; a monster, who manipulates everything to their own end.

Post Partum, Sex, and Child Poverty in the US

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Oxytocin is the ‘bonding’ hormone and fills the momma with the same lovey, feel good satisfaction she used to seek out from her lover.

Kindergarten Testing and the Shocking Results…

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New Kindergarten Readiness Test … if kindergarten is the new first grade, then when do our kids attend preschool? Is the logical extension that we begin teaching our children social skills in utero?

Unconditionally Loving …. Me?

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Just as I was ready to shatter like the corelle-ware bowl I had shockingly smashed earlier in the day (I think of the restaurant in Japan where, at the conclusion of the meal, people summarily and passionately smash their dinnerware down a deep courtyard…

Just Say “No.”

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Allowing doesn’t have anything to do with having no limits, or not stepping into a guiding role for our children.

Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?

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One day last spring, James Wade sat cross-legged on the carpet and called his kindergarten class to order. Lanky and soft-spoken, Wade has a gentle charisma well suited to his role as a teacher of small children: steady, rather than exuberant. When a child performs a requested task, like closing the door after recess, he will often acknowledge the moment by murmuring, “Thank you, sweet pea,” in a mild Texas drawl….

The importance of “I” Statements and Transparency

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Because our children came from us (physically), they perceive that we gave them life. We are incredibly powerful in their eyes…like “god” to them!

OooooomMy God! Compassion is a Two Way Street!

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You Can Reach Enlightenment in 1 Easy Science-backed Step!

Science now has documented evidence that anyone CAN reach enlightenment, (or at least find peace, joy, or satisfaction) in one easy step!

I am tossing out my meditation beads!! They have found the holy grail!

Riviera PlaySchool Summer Camp: Sign Up is NOW!!!

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Riviera PlaySchool Summer Camp: Build it to suit your schedule! Summer here at PlaySchool is full of water plans, trail adventures, games in the yard, tree climbing, wilderness hiking, gardening, fort building, fresh fruit off the trees and many more exciting plans with your friends. It is truly a magical time to be at PlaySchool!

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