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Body Centered Listening, part 2

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Body centered listening doesn’t have to involve your ears at all. It can take place completely inside your body. It is all about identifying how things feel to you, and then making a decision based on whether something feels “good,” or “not so good.”

You can listen with your whole body to a proposed action.

For example, you have a pile of paperwork looming before you, but you really feel the need for a walk.

Your head says “I should do the paperwork because the deadline is tomorrow. I shouldn’t be wasting time going on a walk when I have work to do!”

(More on “should-ing all over yourself” later!)

Your heart says “I want to walk and breathe the fresh air!”
Your legs say: “I want to move and stretch!”
Your lungs and nose say: “I want to breathe some clean fresh air!”
Your skin says “I want to feel the sunshine!”

Our journey each day is to tune into our inner compasses and listen to what works best for each of us.  That’s how we can bring our unique gifts to fruition, and thus enrich our community.

(And the divine goal is to get our needs met in a way that creates connection in the world.)

If you do choose to follow your whole body, instead of just your head, then you will probably take that walk and thereby reset everything, head included, which will get you into a space where the paperwork is actually enjoyable and takes half the time to finish!  And that leaves  the rest of the time to enjoy!

Try following your body instead of your head today and see where you end up tonight.

Lots of Love,

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