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Social-behavioral readiness in kindergarteners impacts long-term success — ScienceDaily

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Children who enter kindergarten behind in social-behavioral development are more likely to be held back, need more individualized supports and services, and be suspended or expelled, according to new research by the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing’s Deborah Gross, DNSc, RN, FAAN, Amie Bettencourt, PhD, and Grace Ho, PhD, RN. The recently-released study, which focused on Baltimore City Public Schools, resonates nationwide as social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties are now top chronic disabilities affecting children.

The study examined the relationship between kindergarteners’ social-behavioral readiness and key educational outcomes in over 9,000 elementary school students. The results showed that by the time they reached 4th grade, students who were considered socially and behaviorally “not ready” for school were:

–Up to 80% more likely to be retained in their grade

–Up to 80% more likely to receive services and supports through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan geared toward children with disabilities

–Up to 7 times more likely to be suspended or expelled at least once

Boys were also more likely to be assessed as not socially and behaviorally ready in kindergarten and to experience all three academic difficulties.

“These results are important,” says Gross, professor and the Leonard and Helen Stulman Endowed Chair in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing. “They show how critical social and behavioral skills are for learning, how early the struggle begins for young children, and how important it is to address the problem of social-behavioral readiness well before children enter kindergarten.”

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