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Social-behavioral readiness in kindergarteners impacts long-term success — ScienceDaily

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“These results are important,” says Gross, professor and the Leonard and Helen Stulman Endowed Chair in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing. “They show how critical social and behavioral skills are for learning, how early the struggle begins for young children, and how important it is to address the problem of social-behavioral readiness well before children enter kindergarten.”

Body Centered Listening, part 2

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Whole body listening doesn’t have to involve your ears at all. It can take place completely inside your body. It is all about identifying how things feel to you, and then making a decision based on whether something feels “good,” or “not so good.”

Men Should Not Cry (What are You Living Toward?)

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You see a 5 year old child who is crying and screaming, sobbing about something. His parents are sitting with him, trying to sooth him. You might think “That child cannot control his emotions. He is emotionally immature. He needs to learn how to control his emotions.”

How do we reach a point where we can comfortably allow our children to endure their own pain?

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My son Kian has always been good at conjuring up plans… but bringing them to life is another matter entirely. The pieces wouldn’t fit, the parts would fall off, or the wheels would not turn. His grand visions just needed his building expertise to catch up a little more…. and his ensuing frustration would start to leak out sideways, screaming like steam from a kettle. It was impossible for me to ignore: his loud keening was a veritable curse to the gods. It penetrated me. I could feel his chafing frustration in my heart, seeping in like hot oil. It would sit and simmer then, until something would finally snap. There was no turning back! I would lose all control, and spring into “Fix It Mode!”

Compassionate Listening = Listening to Ourselves with Compassion

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The reason why I created a non violent preschool for my son, and the reason why I am on the hunt for a humanitarian school (or at the very least a compassionate teacher) for his elementary school experience, is completely selfish: I was a troubled child. I was the hard one. I had BIG emotions, and they were usually not understood. (OK, I admit it…I am STILL the troubled child, and I STILL have BIG emotions!)

How to Talk with your Child About their Body

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I wanted to pass this piece on because it was referred to me from several of our circles and I found it moving. I think that it also applies to men, however; whether it be to be thin, or to be strong and stoic. It is so good to be living toward a less judgmental and more accepting place in which to co-exist.

a note about consistency

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Society tells us that parents need to be CONSISTENT in order to be effective and responsible. If we aren’t ‘consistent,’ we will end up with a child who is out of control; a monster, who manipulates everything to their own end.

Doggone Safe HOLISTIC Dog Training Workshop!! This Tuesday @ Riviera PlaySchool

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Doggone Safe

Dog Safety Workshop

An innovative and interactive workshop to help children and parents learn how to act safely around dogs.

OooooomMy God! Compassion is a Two Way Street!

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You Can Reach Enlightenment in 1 Easy Science-backed Step!

Science now has documented evidence that anyone CAN reach enlightenment, (or at least find peace, joy, or satisfaction) in one easy step!

I am tossing out my meditation beads!! They have found the holy grail!

Exposing our Children to Violent Events

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This is an article by Patty Wipfler of Parenting by Connection which teaches the Hand in Hand tools of listening so parents and caregivers can be more connected to the children in their lives. I found this helpful and illuminating in light of the recent tragedy.

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