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When you hear yourself saying “No!” “Don’t” “Stop” “Please Stop!” “Stop!!” ……

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When you hear yourself saying “No!” “Don’t” “Stop” “Please Stop!” “Stop!!” “No!” “No!!” No!!!”……

PlaySchool for Big Kids?

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Whoo-wee! PlaySchool for older kids! What will THAT look like?

Hiking, Collaborating on BIG plans, building, creating, exploring…….being free (like a kid should be….) (do you remmember those days? Wish you had them back? Why not provide that for Your child?)

Kindergarten through 2nd grade welcome!

What About Those Boys?

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Boys are 6 times more likely to be “misdiagnosed” with ADD or ADHD….Bonding and attachment must occur before the age of five

Roughhousing is essential for bonding

Hugging, handshaking, back slapping, punching, pinching are modes of bonding

Creating a Place of Belonging and Empowerment for Children

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Wherever you go, it is the staff who make a school what it is.  And the staff at Riviera PlaySchool are all grounded in the same philosophy — that of non violent communication, and mindfulness.  You will notice that every interaction between child and adult has a consistent and tangible feeling of respect and compassion.  And when any conflict occurs, it is a true learning moment, and teachers are on hand to hold space for the children to resolve their own conflicts.  We try to not rush to a resolution of our adult creation.  Sometimes children can take a while to sort a conflict out to a place they deem to be “fair.”.  And we give them space to take the time to do that, while offering support, and helping them keep bodies and hears safe.  We pay particular attention to where we are during the conflict.  We stay on the sidelines.  We don’t jump into the fray energetically.  If we notice our speech becoming more rapid, or our voice becoming louder, then that’s a signal to us to take a step back and let them have their own emotions about the conflict at hand…  It’s pretty tricky, and it keeps us more awake as people.  It is an incredibly magical thing to witness a couple of small children figure out a workable solution to their volatile dilemma…and then walk away laughing together, more emotionally and socially intelligent than before.

Fill Yourself Up: The Oxygen Mask Rule

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It is such a vicious cycle! I am exhausted by feeling compelled to over-do everything else to make up for the ‘luxury’ of staying at home. And then guilt drives me to “do without” in lieu of being with my child. It is insidious, how, little by little I have given up doing things for myself, because I believe that I should be spending more time with my child. But then finally I realized that I was doing nothing for my own pure enjoyment anymore.

Walking Infants…… (and skinny mommies)

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Walking infants travel the length of 29 football fields each day….

Punishment and Rewards: What to do Instead ….WORKSHOP TOMORROW NIGHT!

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 This Fantastic Workshop is tomorrow night!   Setting boundaries that work with children    Parenting is a life-long learning process of nurturing our connection with our children.  Parenting is “messy” business.  There is no “prescription” for dealing with the day-to-day challenges of raising children.  There are however, basic communication tools that can assist parents in […]

Helicoptering and Inner Compasses

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I have been ruminating on helicoptering. You know, that thing that we do at the park when we are afraid of offending other people via our child’s poor behavior. “Tommy! Don’t throw sand! Share your toys!”

“People are people no matter how small”

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“People are people no matter how small” is as close to a school motto as we have at Riviera PlaySchool; and it’s fitting that it is quoted from Dr. Seuss’s character Horton. The cornerstone of our program is Non-Violence. Ghandi and Krishnamurti both base their work upon this, as do many western advocates including Rosenberg, […]

Taking a Step Back Can Provide All the Freedom Your Child Needs!

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Freedom to have power, explore, create, play, and resolve conflicts can be given to children anywhere, at anytime. These freedoms are so essential to becoming individuals, and so essential to discovering our own purpose in life, and our gifts. And yet parents these days seem to helicopter over their children, surely motivated by love, providing guidance and a running commentary on their child’s every action: “Say please! Share! Don’t do that – take turns! That’s not nice!” Contrary to these parents’ loving desires for their children, this hovering and directing steals away their children’s opportunity for magic and joy and power, and individuation! How do we arrive at a place where we can allow our children to freely experience the (dangerous?) world we live in?

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