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Ready To Learn: Defining Kindergarten Readiness Once and For All!

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Now: Everything you need to know to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten! Kindergarten readiness, a hot topic among politicians, is also a hot topic among parents. With this in mind, let’s look at how kindergarten readiness goes far beyond learning the ABC’s and starts way back in infancy. Here are some general indicators that early childhood educators agree show children are prepared to enter kindergarten…

THINGS THAT COME UP AT SCHOOL – a workshop on getting through homework with positive connections

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The Knowing Garden, along with Melody Elder M.A. E.d. is hosting a Parenting
Workshop on Monday, Oct 17th. The subject is “Things That Come Up At School”
and it focuses on getting through lessons and homework with positive connections
as well as being the best advocate you can be for your student.

All families are welcome. Please click here for information and

Growing Through the Pain

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My son Kian has always been good at conjuring up plans… but bringing them to life is another matter entirely. The pieces wouldn’t fit, the parts would fall off, or the wheels would not turn. His grand visions just needed his building expertise to catch up a little more…. and his ensuing frustration would start to leak out sideways, screaming like steam from a kettle. It was impossible for me to ignore: his loud keening was a veritable curse to the gods. It penetrated me. I could feel his chafing frustration in my heart, seeping in like hot oil. It would sit and simmer then, until something would finally snap. There was no turning back! I would lose all control, and spring into “Fix It Mode!”

The Thrill of (vicarious) Success

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It is so hard, as a parent, not to be seduced by the thrill of having our child “succeed.” And what exactly defines “success?” In early childhood, we often judge success on how much a child knows. This leads many parents to put their children into “academic” programs that focus on abstract knowledge, rather than experiential, play-based programs


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MASTER CLASS WITH RUTH BEAGLEHOLE June 23rd, 2011 7:00pm—9:00pm SUPPORT THE HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN’S SENSUALITY $50 per person, $75 per couple REGARDLESS OF ABILITY TO PAY, Register online at: by clicking on Registration Center or contact Azucena Ortiz at 213.484.6676 ext 311 or **Scholarships available. Support healthy sexuality, body image, and self […]

Use Your Words!

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Parenting can be like tobogganing down a flight of stairs on a swatch of cardboard: smooth and easy, with just a couple of bumps and bruises! A good guideline for accomplishing this is to swap shoes with your child: treat them as you would like to be treated. And like Horton says: “People are People no Matter How Small.”

FYI: TKG Enrollment Event

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For Parents who are interested in learning more about TKG (The Knowing Garden) ~ “How is a community of learners created? By knowing one child, one parent, one family at a time. You are invited to participate in a learning workshop with potential teachers and like-minded prospective families. You are invited to be part of […]

Creating a Place of Belonging and Empowerment for Children

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Wherever you go, it is the teachers who make the school what it is. And the teachers at PlaysSchool are all grounded in the same philosophy — that of non violent communication. Therefore, when any conflict occurs, it is a true learning moment, and teachers are on hand to hold space for the children to resolve their own conflicts. We are never in a rush to resolve the conflict. Sometimes children can take 20 minutes to sort a conflict out, if we let them. And we do. We pay particular attention to where we are during the conflict. We stay on the sidelines. We don’t jump into the fray energetically. If we notice our speech becoming more rapid, or our voice becoming louder, then that’s a signal to us to take a step back and let them have their own emotions about the conflict at hand. It’s pretty tricky, and it keeps us more awake as people.

“People are people no matter how small”

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“People are people no matter how small” is as close to a school motto as we have at Riviera PlaySchool; and it’s fitting that it is quoted from Dr. Seuss’s character Horton. The cornerstone of our program is Non-Violence. Ghandi and Krishnamurti both base their work upon this, as do many western advocates including Rosenberg, […]

New Events at PlaySchool! Fall Enrollment Has Begun!

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Dear Parents, We have some exciting new events happening at PlaySchool! – CULTURAL EXCHANGE DAYS Susan Hong, mentor teacher, is organizing a cultural exchange unit for PlaySchool. Parents are invited to come in and exchange information about their native cultures or culture of heritage, with the children at PlaySchool. If you would like to participate […]

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