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To bring up children without comparison

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I wanted to share this quote from Jiddu Krishnamurti. If we could all just do this, the world would be such a better place! If you want to read more from Krishnamurti, I recommend “Think on These Things” — he has much to say about education.

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To bring up children without comparison is true education

One is everlastingly comparing oneself with another, with what one is, with what one should be, with someone who is more fortunate. This comparison really kills. Comparison is degrading, it perverts one’s outlook. And on comparison one is brought up. All our education is based on it and so is our culture. So there is everlasting struggle to be something other than what one is. The understanding of what one is uncovers creativeness, but comparison breeds competitiveness, ruthlessness, ambition, which we think brings about progress. Progress has only led so far to more ruthless wars and misery than the world has ever known. To bring up children without comparison is true education.

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