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PlaySchool for Big Kids?

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This summer was our first Big Kid’s Day, and it was a huge success!  So far we have collaborated on planning and constructing a city, designing and building forts, brainstorming ideas for carnival attractions and then actually setting up and running it, putting together a fantastic scavenger hunt where we decided to find things with a variety of sensory qualities (something that stinks, something shiny, something gross, something tasty, etc.) and last week we planned out and staged a huge obstacle course, and took turns running it in different ways: running, jumping, backwards, eyes closed and being guided, etc.)  All summer we have had so much excitement and involvement from the kids. On carnival day, for example, we had a lego contest, bug roller coaster, ticket booth, flower sale, painting booth, hairbeading booth, marble show, face painting, treasure hunt, lemonade stand ALL thought of and built by the kids. And we used “money” to buy tickets.  It was incredible!

We still have space for your child!  During this advanced exploratory day we will:

~ keep journals
~ collaborate on big plans
~ create and decipher maps and codes
~ increase our collaborative skills, reading ability, and reasoning acumen
… and more group plans that will expand on our social and emotional intelligence!
PlaySchool for Big Kids is the best way to get ready for growing up!  This camp for big kids will consist of a more structured day with choices.  It will have all of the fun of PlaySchool with just a little more structure, and still the same compassionate, passionate teachers who help your child connect while making choices that get their needs met.
Newly graduating RPS students will find this summer camp to be the next step in their PlaySchool experience, and children new to PlaySchool will learn the positive ways of getting their needs met in a group dynamic, while creating connection!
PlaySchool provides an unparalleled experience for small people to cultivate their emotional and social intelligence, the number one indicators of academic success in students of all ages!
DAYS & TIME:  Tuesdays,  9:00  ~ 12:15 (drop off)
Fridays: 1:45 ~ 5:00 (parent participation)
Extended hours are available…please ask us!
Start Date: September 4!!!
COST: $165/month (drop off); $65/month (parent participation)
AGES: grade level K ~ 2
SPACE IS LIMITED!!  REGISTER NOW at  (310)408-5616.
We hope to see you here!
Riviera PlaySchool
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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