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Mother’s Poem greeting from Melody Elder

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Mother’s Poem

In a matter of days
you learned to
grab on tight,
little doll arm
curled around me,
sweet burr,
possum baby.

Your arms around
my neck: warm
noose, endless circle.

I carried you
from room to room
your head as heavy
as a cabbage;
I was always careful
of the doorjambs,
tiny albatross.

You weigh me down,
you anchor me.
After I set you down
you will carry me with you
like an awkward suitcase
all our days.

By Carolyn Miller

hello most magnificent mothers~

may you be cherished tomorrow for the wonderful mother you are.

even at times when you feel a yearning for more freedom…

or times when you’ve lost your temper…

done or said something you’ve regretted…

tomorrow is the day to forgive your self for the judgments you’ve held against yourself…

for, to simply rise every day (often, perhaps with a child–or two–in bed with you)…three hundred and sixty five days each year…year after year…

as a Mother…

takes tremendous Strength of Heart, Courage, and an endless reservoir of Patience.

I acknowledge each and every one of you for demonstrating these qualities–even on the most challenging days.

bask in the privilege of being part of this tribe–this Sisterhood– we call Mothers.

share your Loving with your children

and most of all, celebrate your beautiful Self on Mother’s Day~

Love and Light ~ melody elder

Awakened Heart Paretning

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