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Your Family Values

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Just because the world around us is becoming more and more material, and certain things, like television, are the rule and not the exception does not mean that we have to jump on board that train!

We can establish our own values, and get back to basics!

If you first check in with yourself, and get to know yourself well, you will have all of the answers at your fingertips, in the form of “family values.” 

Our Family Values include the following. 

What are yours?

If it’s not a YES, it’s a NO.  Don’t live in ‘maybe-land.’

Treat other as you would have them treat you.

Love yourself well, and love yourself as you would like your child to be loved.

When you judge, know that you probably have that very judgment about yourself. So forgive yourself — love yourself for who you are.  You are worth it!!

Always be honest. 

Always say what you mean. 

Always follow your heart.  Be true to yourself. 

Don’t take things personally; know that everyone is just doing the best they can, and that their actions are about them (where their head is at, at that moment)

Be grateful for what you have and it will multiply.

Enjoy life.

Embrace every moment, “Be it gash, or gold, for it will not come again in this incredible disguise.” (Gwendolyn Brooks)


Linda Shannon

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