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Allowing Magic to Happen….

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I like to make opportunities to allow for magic in my teaching, by providing lots of parts of things for the children: tape, boxes, spools, pipe cleaners, twine, wire, glue-paint, glitter, scissors, tongue depressors, yarn, pom poms, cardboard tubes, corrugated cardboard, glue guns for attaching heavy parts (when building spaceships, for example) ribbon, string, fabric…

And we then let the kids lead us, and devise their own creations. Magic can happen in any environment if you have a few elements:

– freedom to explore
– power; permission to create
– space to create in

(I think this is also the definition of how invention happens!!)

I think that an environment that provided children with these elements is best suited for every child. Any person feels good in such an empowering environment.
We had a big box today at my preschool. The children first painted it, then another group made it into a car, and then it became a clubhouse….
The best “toys” are the ones that are open-ended and undefined.
We like to have plenty of “parts” around. Parts that one can create a fantasy from…

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