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redondo preschool

mamapedia“A Paradise for Preschoolers & Parents–Compassion, Nature, & Play!”

Alice S., Insider Pages

“I highly recommend Riviera PlaySchool to anyone who wants their child to be listened to as though their words really matter, and their family treated with care.” – NatMom,
mamapedia“At Riviera PlaySchool, the teachers ‘intervene’ when necessary and are always listening to each child’s need. Amidst the energy and liveliness is always an underlying current of attention, love and respect for the kids. Each child is given the utmost respect and time. There is a structure to each day. But it never feels ‘force fed’ to the kids. Especially in a day and age that is so intense with acceleration, competition, materialism etc, Riviera is void of this and truly allows kids to be kids.
Catherine B, Insider Pages
“Riviera PlaySchool is Delightful” -Gladiolafam,
mamapediaStraight from the start our daughter Emily felt safe and welcomed – the loving, caring and creative environment at Riviera made her feel home. She picked up English within 2 months! (Since English is her second language she wasn’t fluent before we came to America)
“リビエラの家族スタイル教育法は年齢毎クラス分けせず、自由に遊ばせる。昔、親戚で集まるとこんな感じだった。一人っ子の多い今後はいいかも。 Family style education @ Riviera Playschool reminds me of my childhood.”  MIDORI’S REPORT

“No other place like it, and we (especially our daughter) absolutely loves it.” -Ashley, Insider Pages

mamapedia “Riviera PlaySchool is Delightful! I love the atmosphere of fun, creativity, and love that Linda and her staff provides at Riviera PlaySchool.   My daughter loves taking hikes on the bridle path and collecting treasures.”  JayL77,

“We love Riviera PlaySchool!” – Orangie, NBC-LA


insiderpages.comRiviera Playschool has been the best experience for our daughter and family.   sent our daughter to a different school that claimed to be developmental hoping to help her with her social skills. The school did the exact opposite, she became angry and stopped communicating with us and others. After one week of attending Riviera Playschool I GOT MY DAUGHTER BACK, and myself too.

Amy R., Insider Pages

Rated Five Stars By A Mom In Redondo Beach,

“Children thrive here. Our ratio is unparalleled, and allows each child to really reach their potential for personal success. Children here feel confident, successful, and enthusiastic about school and learning — because our teachers love what they do. Our teachers light the fire within!” –

“A great place for your kids…………” – Rachel, Insider Pages
“We Love this Place!!!” – Ruth, Insider Pages
mamapediaRated Five Stars by GreenMama,
“The best place for kids” – Yoshie, Insider Pages
“Our children have become more self-confident, and developed great social skills at Riviera PlaySchool.” – Roxanne777,
“Riviera PlaySchool is a great place for kids to grow!” – Sonja, Insider Pages
“The day was a success, Finley had fun and seemed downright proud of himself. He played basketball, took a hike, played trucks in the sandbox and ended with some music and dance in their studio.”  –Kathi Crosby, Semi-Handmade
“A Natural Choice” – Jennifer, Insider Pages

“Riviera PlaySchool is delightful!” – Satya, Insider Pages

mamapediaRated Five Stars By Jennifer L. –
“We love Riviera PlaySchool!” – Molly, Insider Pages
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