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The Good Enough Motherhood Process

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“Dear Riviera,
What do you do for a teen who picked a major clearly not suited for them? Do you let them take the classes or do you talk them out of it and advise them to sign up for the classes that better suit them? Especially if you are worried that it was your biases that influenced that wrong decision in the first place….?”

Social-behavioral readiness in kindergarteners impacts long-term success — ScienceDaily

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“These results are important,” says Gross, professor and the Leonard and Helen Stulman Endowed Chair in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing. “They show how critical social and behavioral skills are for learning, how early the struggle begins for young children, and how important it is to address the problem of social-behavioral readiness well before children enter kindergarten.”

It’s in the Dirt! Bacteria in soil may make us happier, smarter

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…a strain of bacterium in soil,Mycobacterium vaccae, has been found to trigger the release of seratonin, which in turn elevates mood and decreases anxiety. And on top of that, this little bacterium has been found to improve cognitive function and possibly even treat cancer and other diseases. Which means that contact with soil, through gardening or other means (see Elio, above), is beneficial.

Taking a Step Back

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We all know that our children are not reflections of us, but every once in a while we get tricked into that lie again! It sneaks in, and we spring into RE-action, rather than mindful response.

The Decline of Play

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I love this.  

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