Monday, November 30, 2015

A Mindful Garden Where Active Minds Blossom...We nurture your child's beautiful inner nature through engaging, nature-based, hands-on play.

Riviera PlaySchool offers a humanistic, constructivist, and mindful program for the "whole child," inspired by the best of Attachment Parenting, Reggio Emilia, and Non Violent (Compassionate) Communication. We are also inspired by other forward-thinking philosophies, including the fun and freedom to explore of Bev Bos, the beautiful and abundant nature of Waldorf, and Maria Montessori's easily digestible, experiential approach to learning. PlaySchool has the distinction of having been chosen as the very first ever practicum site for UCLA Extension’s Early Childhood Education Certificate Program. We will also continue our partnership with El Camino College Childhood Education Department that currently brings student teachers to Riviera PlaySchool to learn from our wonderful staff... Read More

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What do Birds Know that We Don’t?

As parents, we often want to save our child from every pain that comes by. We would gladly feel the pain ourselves rather than see our child struggle with it. (And without getting into it too deeply, this is probably because the crying or pain or struggle brings up things within ourselves that are unexamined or unresolved.) For example, we naturally... [Read more of this review]

Why Preschool Shouldn’t Be Like School

New research shows that teaching kids more and more, at ever-younger ages, may backfire. By Alison Gopnik Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Ours is an age of pedagogy. Anxious parents instruct their children more and more, at younger and younger ages, until they’re reading books to babies in the womb. They pressure teachers to make kindergartens... [Read more of this review]

Taking a Step Back

(another re-post from last year — this is a good time to refresh and reflect!) We all know that our children are not reflections of us, but every once in a while we get tricked into that lie again! It sneaks in, and we spring into RE-action, rather than mindful response. That way of “reactive” thinking is a trap that often leads us... [Read more of this review]

“A human nurtured instead of shamed, and loved instead of driven by fear, develops a different brain and therefore a different mind.

Hello Parents, I first posted this interview about 9 years ago.  In that time, the school system has continued to decline.  In the Southbay, although there are now more humanistic, mindful options for elementary school, there are still not enough.  The only 3 in my ‘immediate’ area are: The Knowing Garden in South Redondo Beach, DaVinci... [Read more of this review]

Your Family Values

Just because the world around us is becoming more and more material, and certain things, like television, are the rule and not the exception does not mean that we have to jump on board that train! We can establish our own values, and get back to basics! If you first check in with yourself, and get to know yourself well, you will have all of the answers... [Read more of this review]

It’s in the Dirt! Bacteria in soil may make us happier, smarter

It’s in the Dirt! Bacteria in soil may make us happier, smarter Reposted from TLN AND to the National Wildlife Federation for featuring this article as a guest post on their blog! Many people, including me, talk about the restorative benefits of gardening (see last Tuesday’s post, for example) and the reasons why it makes us feel good. Just being in... [Read more of this review]

When a Parent’s ‘I Love You’ Means ‘Do as I Say’

I love Alfie Kohn. Here is an article he wrote about unconditional love…. If the following link isn’t clickable, just copy and paste into your browser. Lots of Love, Linda Shannon Riviera PlaySchool, a Redondo Beach preschool for attachment parents  Read More →

My 5th Grader’s Surprising Choice for Schooling this Year…..

I have come to clarity about school… for this year, at least. My clarity descended upon me on Saturday morning, at exactly 11:13 am, hand poised, expectant, above the tray of lego bricks that spanned the space between me and my 4 year old son. Building the kit that morning was a peaceful process, in a beautiful nurturing learning environment... [Read more of this review]

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