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A Mindful Garden Where Active Minds Blossom...We nurture your child's beautiful inner nature through engaging, nature-based, hands-on play.

Riviera PlaySchool offers a humanistic, constructivist, and mindful program for the "whole child," inspired by the best of Attachment Parenting, Reggio Emilia, and Non Violent (Compassionate) Communication. We are also inspired by other forward-thinking philosophies, including the fun and freedom to explore of Bev Bos, the beautiful and abundant nature of Waldorf, and Maria Montessori's easily digestible, experiential approach to learning. PlaySchool has the distinction of having been chosen as the very first ever practicum site for UCLA Extension’s Early Childhood Education Certificate Program. We will also continue our partnership with El Camino College Childhood Education Department that currently brings student teachers to Riviera PlaySchool to learn from our wonderful staff... Read More

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Fill Yourself Up! (The Oxygen Mask Rule)

Being a stay at home mom can be exhausting. A lot of that exhaustion comes from the demands not only others put on us, but the demands that I put on myself. And it is also tricky: I trick myself into thinking that because I am at home PHYSICALLY with my children all of the time, that I am PRESENT with them. And therefore I often take for granted the... [Read more of this review]

Why Preschool Shouldn’t Be Like School

New research shows that teaching kids more and more, at ever-younger ages, may backfire. By Alison Gopnik Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Ours is an age of pedagogy. Anxious parents instruct their children more and more, at younger and younger ages, until they’re reading books to babies in the womb. They pressure teachers to make kindergartens... [Read more of this review]

How do we reach a point where we can comfortably allow our children to endure their own pain?

My son Kian has always been good at conjuring up plans… but bringing them to life is another matter entirely.  The pieces wouldn’t fit, the parts would fall off, or the wheels would not turn.  His grand visions just needed his building expertise to catch up a little more….  and his ensuing frustration would start to leak out sideways, screaming... [Read more of this review]

It’s in the Dirt! Bacteria in soil may make us happier, smarter

It’s in the Dirt! Bacteria in soil may make us happier, smarter Reposted from TLN AND to the National Wildlife Federation for featuring this article as a guest post on their blog! Many people, including me, talk about the restorative benefits of gardening (see last Tuesday’s post, for example) and the reasons why it makes us feel good. Just being in... [Read more of this review]

Empathy vs Sympathy: Do you care more about your child’s feelings or your own?

Posted on January 22, 2013 by Bonnie Harris, Connective Parenting There is a fine line between sympathy and empathy. Learning the difference can make huge changes in your relationship with your child. My mother was a professional worrier. Whenever I expressed having a problem with anything, she sympathized, “Oh my poor dear. That’s so awful.... [Read more of this review]

Compassionate Listening = Listening to Ourselves with Compassion

(First published in July of 2011) The reason why I created a compassionate preschool for my son, and the reason why I am on the hunt for a humanitarian school (or at the very least a compassionate teacher) for his elementary school experience, is completely selfish:  I was a troubled child.  I was the hard one.  I had BIG emotions, and they were... [Read more of this review]

How to Talk with your Child About their Body

I wanted to pass this piece on because it was referred to me from several of our circles and I found it moving.  I think that it also applies to men, however; whether it be to be thin, or to be strong and stoic.  It is so good to be living toward a less judgmental and more accepting place in which to co-exist. …… How to talk to your daughter about... [Read more of this review]

If We Don’t Let Our Children Play, Who Will Be the Next Steve Jobs?

Posted: 10/20/11 04:16 PM ET, By Darell Hammond Will the next generation have a Steve Jobs?   The forecast doesn’t look good. In an era of parental paranoia, lawsuit mania and testing frenzy, we are failing to inspire our children’s curiosity, creativity, and imagination.  We are denying them opportunities to... [Read more of this review]

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